TILvids Update - September 2020

Greetings TILvids community! Recently, I was asked if I have a blog/vlog for TILvids by someone on /r/PeerTube, and I didn’t really feel I had a great answer. I’ve started up so many blogs in my life and didn’t really relish the idea of making yet another one. I do already have /r/TILvids though, so I figured maybe I could use this as a “blog-lite” for the time-being. Possibly I’ll set something up on Github someday using Jekyll or something…only so much time in my day though. :)

So since this is my first “blog-lite” post, welcome! Hopefully you know what TILvids is if you’re here, but the TL;DR is that I’m trying to build a video community, based around edutainment content, that respects both viewers (privacy) and creators (engagement) alike, much more than the present video landscape. So far, I’m quite happy with the results! I think we have around 40 creators/contributors on the site, which is really helping us add content. The unfortunate part there is that it also consumes space, so THANKFULLY we have our first three Patron supporters (shout-out to Jerome, Jason, and Vegard!), which will go directly to providing more storage space, and likely in the near future some additional memory/CPU/bandwidth.

I’m not sure what else people might be interested in knowing about TILvids (or even if anyone will read this, for that matter). Feel free to ask questions below, if you have any. If I do see people engaging on these, I’ll try to do them more regularly.

Thanks for your support!

Written on September 1, 2020