TILvids Update - May 2021

Welcome to May 2021, TILvids community! Let’s take a look at what was happening at TILvids over the last month:

  • A big TILvids welcome to our newest content creators! We had a big month for new creators, so please welcome jbriones95, Tim Krief, Paperpunk, Connor Kaye, Marinauts, and Triple_Eye! Holy smokes, what a list!

  • Our self-uploading crew continues to push out lots of great new content for the TILvids community! Way too many at this point to break out individually, by you guys are the beating heart of our community, and thank you for continuing to share your excellent content!

  • This month, I started up a Discord server for folks that want to chat about TILvids with each other, give feedback about the site, ways to improve the community, etc. It’s open to anyone, so feel free to drop by and join in the conversation!

  • The software that runs TILvids (/r/peertube) was updated to version 3.1.0 during April. There were a few hiccups that unfortunately broke our layout for about a day, but things should be back up and running now. Sorry for any interruption!

  • I had a request to track some of the site stats. As of April 1st, 2021, we currently have 74,077 video views, 692 users, and 151GB of local videos.

Here are a few thoughts for May:

  • More and more, as the TILvids community continues to grow, I think about how to set it up to do so in a sustainable, healthy way. I’m beginning to explore the idea of setting it up as a “hub and spoke” model, where established creators on TILvids can “graduate” to having their own instance that TILvids follows. In that way, we create a sort of mesh network of content, where people looking for a one-stop location can come to TILvids, but creators also have control over their own sub-community a bit more. This also has added benefits of distributing some of the ever-increasing storage costs, while still also keeping a lot of the non-edutainment content off the network. I’ll likely be looking to test the waters on this in the near future. All of this is very much still under development though, so feel free to share thoughts in our Discord, and look for more details to come.

  • As always, please continue to spread the word online! Every month our community continues to grow, and this just makes it easier to convince new creators to give it a shot. If you want to see TILvids continue to get new creators, sharing the site is the best way to do it!

I think that’s it for now! Thanks so much to everyone for continuing to watch, comment, share, and support the TILvids community!

Written on May 1, 2021