TILvids Update - July 2021

Welcome to July 2021, TILvids community! Let’s take a look at what was happening at TILvids over the last month:

  • We are now sharing videos from Engineer Guy, a very cool channel with Creative Commons videos all about engineering questions. There are a number of creators on TILvids who do not actively post videos themselves, but have given us permission to share their content. Thanks to randomguyatepizza, one of our active community members, for reaching out to get permission!

  • That said, we do have a number of creators that are actively sharing their content with the community as well. This past month, we saw excellent videos shared by Linux Lounge, Pizza Loving Nerd, GeoTech Digital, JBriones95, Athena Productions, The Attic Dwellers, Anthill Art, ToggleJam, Tim Krief, The Pine64 Community, Addem, and PolarHive. What a huge list of awesome content, ranging from retro movie reviews to history of mythology, and everything in-between! Thanks so much for all the videos that you all have shared, you’re the beating heart of the TILvids community!

  • We also had a number of video shared by Always Asking. This is a special shout-out because not only are they awesome for sharing content, but they’re also one of our major donors, helping to offset the costs of running the TILvids website. This is absolutely critical, because as we add more content creators, the cost to run the site continues to climb. If you’re interested in helping to support the community, feel free to help donate to TILvids! Thank you so much Always Asking! 🙌

  • I had a request to track some of the site stats. As of July 1st, 2021, we currently have 80,138 video views, 844 users, and 163GB of local videos.

Here are a few thoughts for July:

  • As promised, June was a bit slower month on my end, as I have external commitments to continue dealing with. That’s ok though, because my hope has always been to get TILvids to a point where it becomes self-sustaining, so that I don’t have to actively promote it as much. With more and more content creators sharing, that is beginning to be realized. That said, the more the merrier, and if you know someone making great edutainment content that would be interested, feel free to point them our way!

  • We’re starting to creep closer to the big 1,000 mark for users! As always, please continue to spread the word online! Every month our community continues to grow, and this just makes it easier to convince new creators to give it a shot. If you want to see TILvids continue to get new creators, sharing the site is the best way to do it!

I think that’s it for now! Thanks so much to everyone for continuing to watch, comment, share, and support the TILvids community! ❤️

Written on July 1, 2021